1st Aligner Congress of Eastern Europe

Dr Diego Peydro

Dr. Peydro received his degree in Dentistry from the University of Valencia (Spain), where he graduated in 2000. He qualified as a specialist in Orthodontics at The Southern Mississippi University Institution, Madrid (Spain) in 2004. Dr. Peydro has been an Associate Professor of the Master in Orthodontics course at the European University of Madrid and Master Collaborator Professor of Orthodontics at the University of Valencia (Spain). He has also collaborated with Alfonso X University in Madrid. Dr. Peydro is the co-director of the continuing training programs in Invisalign technique “Clear Ortho International Program (also Master COIP)” and “Invisible Orthodontic Excellence Master Class” where he teaches to orthodontists around the world how to work with Invisalign.

His philosophy of treatment and case planification is that any case and any malocclusion can be solved with Invisalign Technique.

Dr Peydro has published articles in International Orthodontic journals about the way he use Invisalign technique to solve the most complex cases.

He is now Invisalign Diamond Doctor, the highest category of Invisalign technique and he is positioned as one of the most expert Doctors in the use of Invisalign Technique.