1st Aligner Congress of Eastern Europe

Dalia Latkauskienė

Dalia Latkauskienė received her dental degree in 1999, and her post-graduate certificate in orthodontics in 2002 from Kaunas University of Medicine. Since 2002 she has been in full-time private practice. Dalia Latkauskiene continued as lecturer for postgraduate programs in orthodontics 2006-2007 at the same university. She defended her Phd thesis „Herbst- effects on jaws and dental arches in growing Class II patients“ in 2013 and is involved with Riga Stradins University, Latvia in this project.

Dalia Latkauskienė has presented lectures, seminars and continuing education courses on crowned Herbst appliance, adult orthodontics, multidisciplinary treatment and combined orhodontic-orthognatic treatment (together with maxillo facial surgon S. Grybauskas DDS, MD, Phd) to dental and orthodontic organizations as well as conferences in European Union, Russia and some other Eastern European countries. Dalia Latkauskiene is Invisalign Diamond provider. Current interests focus on orthodontic-orthognatic team work, orthodontic treatment of myofunctional disorders and aligner orthodontics.

More about dr. Latkauskiene on www.latkauskiene.lt