1st Aligner Congress of Eastern Europe

Dear Colleagues,

It's our great pleasure to welcome you to the 1st Aligner Conference of Eastern Europe. The Precongress course will take place on 14-15th of December 2018, the Congress will be held on 22-23rd of March 2019. Both events are located in Warsaw, the heart of Poland, easy to reach for international participants as well as for local doctors.

A record-breaking interest in aligners over the past years has encouraged us to organize this particular meeting and make sure the contents will exceed Your expectations. The experts in aligner treatment will be sharing practical experiences and lessons learned in their respective fields during the two planned events. We offer 2 days of precongress course with 3 speakers and different sessions. The topics will range broadly from teen down to adult aligner treatment and will cover interests in biomechanics and innovations of aligners.

Two days of the main congress will continue on aligner topics delivered by the top speakers. The lecturers were selected to be of global interest, highly stimulating, and thought-provoking. Their topics will span from developments and experiences in the field related to clinical expressions in daily aligner treatments.

Finally, we would like to welcome you to Warsaw, Poland’s Finest city. Come and get aligned with Your knowledge in aligners and Your patients' needs. Lets get aligned together!

Weronika Wierusz Hajdacka, President of the 1st ACEE
Dalia Latkauskiene, Scientific program coordinator

Weronika Wierusz Hajdacka
Dalia Latkauskiene

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Official language: English

Indications for aligner treatment
Early orthodontic treatment with aligners
Anterior cross bite correction

Simonetta Meuli

Class II/ Class III in adolescent patients:
Selection of biomechanics for hyperdivergent and hypodivergent patients
Selection of attachments

Simonetta Meuli

Simonetta Meuli
Anchorage considerations
Retention protocols

Alessandro Greco
Digital Orthodontics with Invisalign: The Power of Less. The evolution of Invisalign aligners, based on development of new features and on the improvement in digital setup software, widely spread the orthodontic application field to a large number of malocclusions and highly improved the efficiency of orthodontic treatment plan. Following biomechanical and biological patient needs the orthodontist can fully apply orthodontic principles which are the basis of personal background modifying the aligners turnover and so the release of force. In this way Digital Orthodontics with Invisalign may totally change orthodontic approach bye means of a combination of highly effective essential no invasive devices and and careful digital setup. A proposal of logical sequence of single steps for revising clincheck will be explained underlining how proper orthodontic thinking could be applied to Invisalign clincheck.

Simonetta Meuli / Alessandro Greco

This innovative digital approach is based on three fundamental logical steps:
• Digital Scan, to improve precision of aligners and consequently their biomechanical expression.
• Digital Ortho Plan (Clincheck Pro), to transfer orthodontic traditional biological and biomechanical concepts of tooth movement together with aligner awareness into a digital system.
• Predictable Achievement, to increase predictability and clinical success of planned orthodontic movements and to simplify biomechanics some “facilitation” procedures could be performed.

In particular the “facilitation” procedures commonly used are represented by:
1) TADs for anchorage simplification in case of distalization (upper and lower);
2) Micro Osteo Perforations (M.O.P.), rationale, indications and practical use.

Following the logical steps, different conditions will be discussed going deeply in all the sequence of digital orthodontic treatment covering topics such as:
• vertical discrepancies (openbite, deepbite),
• sagittal discrepancies (distalization and extraction).

Alessandro Greco

New protocols using aligners to get the most demanding goals in our patients. Attachments modifications and sequence of movements that really work. Severe Transversal problems. Protocols to succeed - Vertical Problems.

Diego Peydro

Protocols to solve severe deepbites and openbites without extractions and surgery. How to use Miniscrews in this Type of malocclusions - Sagital Problems.

Diego Peydro

Distalization protocols to solve severe Class II malocclusions without extractions. Use of Miniscrews to optimize the distalization protocols in upper arch. Distalization protocols Vs Elastics to solve Class II malocclusions. - Extraction cases.

Diego Peydro

Multidisciplinary cases. Work flow with other specialist to get amazing results. Digital Tools to increase the predictability of the system. From good to Great: In office protocols to increase the number of patients treated with Invisalign.

Diego Peydro

Anchorage Modulation with MOPs and TADs for Optimized Aligner Digital Orthodontics

Alessandro Mario Greco

Implants for orthodontic u orthodontic for implants. Integral solutions for complex cases.

Susana Palma Moya

Predictable Class II treatment- effective distalization.

Weronika Wierusz-Hajdacka

Biomechanical background of class II treatments with clear aligner

Patients are more and more interested in esthetic appliances which don’t interfere with their daily routine. Orthodontists are focusing on methods which are providing predictable results in combination with a good applicability in the daily practice workflow. Clear aligners fulfill both needs. This lecture will focus on the major advantages in treating also complex class II malocclusions with aligners. Different examples of patients of all age groups will point out the advantages but also the limits of this treatment system. Also, the combination of auxiliaries and skeletal anchorage will be discussed.

Jörg Schwarze

Aligner treatment mechanics in Class II subdivisions

Dalia Latkauskiene

The hidden face of the Clin-Check

Arturo Vela-Hernandez, Ignacio Morales-Burruezo

Functional approach to growing patients with Invisalign technique

Simonetta Meuli

Modern Orthodontics: Protocols to get the most demanding treatment goals using Aligners.

Diego Peydro Herrero

Full day aligner course – the biomechanical background of aligner orthodontics

What we can learn from 2000 successfully finished Invisalign treatments.

Aligner therapy in your daily practice and the biomechanical background of aligner orthodontics. Topics like Deepbite- and Class II treatments, positioning of attachments, interproximal reduction and extractions will be discussed considering biomechanics. Further key points of the course will be the achievement of bodily movements and a well proven distalization protocol, that also applies to lower molars. Furthermore the focus will be on troubleshooting and usage of auxiliaries.

Jörg Schwarze
2:20 PM
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